fredag 24 april 2015

Samma fråga, olika perspektiv?

Den ena sidan:

“I’m very optimistic we are closer than before” to an agreement, Tsipras told reporters late Thursday".

- Premiärminister Alexis Tsipras till Bloomberg apropå de pågående förhandlingarna för att släppa loss ett stödlån på 7,2 miljarder euro i utbyte mot att Grekland presenterar en reformlista som godtas: “a big part of the distance has been covered.”

Den andra sidan:

Dijsselbloem conceded that there had been a step-change in Athens' appetite for discussion over the past few days but that "significantly more progress" was required from Athens. He spoke of "wide differences" between the sides, without specifying where the problems lay. He also ruled out that the creditors might consider a half-way deal that could give Greece part of the pending rescue loans.

- Jeroen Dijsselbloem, företrädare för den så kallade eurogruppen, till AP

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